Martian Notifier Smartwatch

Martian Notifier Smartwatch Review

Smartwatches are a funny thing. In today’s world where “Smart” devices are becoming more and more prevalent, even going as far as having a genre of gadgets coined “Internet of Things”, it’s hard to say which of these are the best. They all do many of the same essential functions, they alert you of notifications that you receive on your phone. Sure, there are some extra bells and whistles in some of the higher tiered smartwatches, but they essentially all function to make receiving notifications less of a bear when by displaying on your wrist rather than requiring you to […]

iOS No Longer Malware Free

Well, it looks like iOS can no longer tout the security of their platform. According to findings by Palo Alto Networks, iOS has its first piece of malware codenamed “AceDeceiver”. AceDeceiver uses flaws found within Apple’s DRM for devices in China. This exploit allows for a “man-in-the-middle” attack by hackers in order to hijack an iOS device through a 3rd party software that mimics the user interface of iTunes. To the end user, there is no difference which pivots the exploit in a very dangerous spot for end users. The time has come where¬†we can say is that the days […]

Apple is already testing its next versions of iOS and OS X

New reports are surfacing that Apple is already testing the next versions of both iOS and OS X. Assuringly labeled iOS 10 and OS X 10.12, both updates have surfaced under Google Analytics that seem to indicate a rapid pace of inner workings towards Apple’s mobile and desktop platforms. The report suggests a rather large spike in the number of sessions that appear for these specific testing numbers which leads us to believe that Apple is readily hard at work getting these platforms ready for primetime. While Apple just unveiled iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, it is always […]

iOS 9 Public Beta Quick Look

The public beta for iOS 9 was released yesterday through the developer channel on Apple offers a public beta of its upcoming software every year since iOS 8. We have the beta running on an iPhone 6 and here are some of our quick takes from the beta. Performance & Battery Life Performance on the iPhone 6 running iOS 9 is pretty good. It isn’t the spectacular fluidity of an official build, but pretty good considering the beta moniker. Yes, there are some graphical quirks and several hangs, but all of this is to be expected with beta software. […]

Our Top WWDC 2015 Predictions

WWDC, otherwise known as the WorldWide Developers Conference, held by Apple, is set to occur on Monday June 8th, 2015. WWDC is the annual event for software at Apple and is historically the event where future versions of OS X and iOS are announced. Last year, Apple announced iOS 8 and OS X 10.9 Yosemite which were both unquestionably unpolished releases for their respective devices. Many have criticized iOS 8 as being too buggy and unreliable for day-to-day use while Yosemite has been called unpolished and unrefined. Apple hopes to change all of this and more at WWDC 2015, so […]

Apple’s iOS 9 to Focus on OS Improvements

Apple’s next version of iOS will focus on improving iOS stability and bug problems according to a report from 9to5Mac. Fans of iOS have certainly let Apple know all of their woes since upgrading to iOS 8 and it appears as if Apple has heard the overwhelming cries of their customers. This move of improvements over features is not a foreign concept to Apple. In 2009, Apple introduced Snow Leopard, an operating system update that squashed many bugs and improved stability that could be seen from Apple’s previous OS update, Leopard. In fact, Apple wanted so many of its Leopard […]