How many times can a web project be relaunched? Good question. As many times as it takes to get it right I suppose.

It’s been well over a year since there was any activity on this website, or any of our social media pages. And there are a few good reasons, only a few of which I want to get into here. I suppose I can sum it up by saying there are times when what’s going on right in front of us is far more important than what’s going on around the web. But now that life is starting to make a bit of sense again, we’ve talked about it and Michelle and I want to relaunch Braehawk Tech. Let me back up real quick; “Michelle?” you might ask? Michelle, previously known as Michelle Stanley, was a well known voice in our podcasts back in the day, before we all sort of fell off the face of the earth. But thanks to a series of circumstances, Michelle and I got closer together, which culminated in us finally getting married, her name is now Michelle Hawkins! It hasn’t been very long, two weeks at the time of this writing, and quite a few things have happened in the meantime. And after a brief hiatus from our job, and things got settled down a bit, we talked about it this morning, and we both want to try and resuscitate this odd little web experiment called Braehawk Tech.

So what does that look like? Well, we’re still working on that. So far all we’ve really nailed down is we’re starting with a new video on our youtube channel this Saturday, October 27th. Then after that, a new youtube video every week running seasonally.

“What do I mean by seasonally?” Think of it like a season to a TV series. You get a new episode every week until the end of the “Season” in this case that’ll probably be around the end of March. Then we’ll take another hiatus from the whole BT thing until next fall, and then rinse and repeat. There are a couple reasons we’re taking this approach; first being that we don’t want to end up getting burned out like we did before, secondly, it’s just too damned nice here during the spring and summer seasons to be worried about the internet! We’re going to be plenty busy with other things on our plate at that time. We’ve also talked about putting together a family vlog that we’d like to put on another youtube channel.

“Is this thing still a club?” Kinda sorta but not really. I realize a mistake I made in the past is taking this thing way too seriously. There’s no money at all in this. YouTube took our partnership away, and Patreon got way too shady and weird to continue payment services through them. So all we really want to be is a couple middle aged fogies comically ranting our opinions about what’s going on the tech/social media/entertainment industries. We’re doing this for the fun of it, and we hope whoever the viewers are gets some fun out of it, too.

“What about the other people, like Nathan Alvarez, Andy Green, Etc.?” We absolutely do not want to shut out any of our old friends that have put time and energy into this thing in the past! If Nathan, Mark, Andy, Anthrit, and so on want to join in with us, maybe in an occasional hangout, or if any of them want to post new content on this website, then great! Fantastic even! We’re just not holding anyone to any expectations as we know everyone has their own respective lives, and full plates just as we do.

The bottom line is we just want to have a little fun with this thing. And we hope a few of our old friends would like to as well. I know I’m excited! I’m still excited that I married my best friend, and I’m excited to see what kind of shenanigans we can pull doing this thing together. We’ll be seeing you all soon!