Apple’s More In The Making Event Recap

Last week Michelle and I got together with our friend and site administrator Nathan Alvarez to recap the key points of Apple’s More In The Making press conference. We also wanted to explore our opinions about what we saw, and our thoughts about what’s coming down the pipe from Apple.

In the course of this Google Hangout, we covered;

Macbook Air With Retina Display
4 Million Pixel Retina Display
Touch ID
T2 Processor Chip
Improved Speakers
2 Thunderbolt 3 ports
17 percent smaller in volume
price starts at $1199.00

Mac Mini
4 and 6 cores
60 percent better graphics
32gb and 64gb upper memory
Starts at $799.00

iPad Pro
Bigger Display
LCD Screen (Same as what went into the iPhone XR
No more Bezels
No Home Button
Photoshop capable
Project Arrow Capable
Starts at $799.00

Watch the live Google Hangout to hear our thoughts and reactions, and let us know what you think of Apple’s latest product launch.