Oh Microsoft….

Dear Microsoft;

Thank you for installing major updates to my PC overnight while I slept soundly. However, deleting my entire iCloud Drive folder was simply not necessary, and my family did not need to hear all the subsequent cursing that came out of my mouth upon my making that discovery.

I’m still trying to figure out if your cluster f**k of an update system is just gross incompetence, or if you folks actually think you’re making good decisions for your customers.

I suppose the mystery shall continue.


Bad mood in Microsoftville

Heads Up For iPhone and iPad users

This is all good to know. My suggestions would be;

1. Keep your thousand dollar and up devices secure.

2. Take advantage of Apple’s find device features.

3. Remote wipe that sucker in the unlikely event that your phone or iPad gets stolen and it can’t be recovered. 🖖🏻