Wearing a Heart Monitor For 24 Hours

I can’t help but feel like I’ve once again missed an opportunity here. This time the opportunity would be to write a quick tech review on today’s modern portable heart monitors.

I won’t go into the personal details of why I’m wearing one, save to say that yesterday I was placed on one for 24 hours, and in two hours and five minutes I can take the thing off and send it back to the VA.

As many people know, it’s pretty easy to get gripey when you’ve got chords dangling off you and tape stuck to your chest for a long period of time, it’s not the most comfortable experience in the world. But what I’ve been reminding my self over the last 24 hours is that it could most definitely be worse.

When I found out I was going to be placed on one, Michelle prepared me for the probability that I’d have to wear it for 48 hours, and that the thing would be the size of a VHS tape (for those of you that remember those) and I’d have to carry it around in an over the shoulder satchel. Hearing these things, of course, caused me to lament about the sleep I would not be getting the following night.

But then the time came for me to be issued the thing, and I am actually thankful that it turned out to be the size of a mid 2000’s MP3 player. Because it’s so light, there was very little emotional turmoil over carrying the thing around. And, all things considered, I slept pretty well last night, for the most part. There were a couple instances when I was woken up because of the monitor digging into my hip, but that was easily adjusted.

So if you do find yourself, for the first time, talking with a cardiologist about wearing one of these things, don’t sweat it. They are small and light weight, and 24 hours beats the hell out of 48 hours!

Rebuilding a Website; The Headache of the Weekend

So over the weekend, with the help of my wife, Michelle, I decided it was time to blow the dust off of some of Braehawk Tech’s material, take a set of jumper cables, and see if the website could still breathe a little. I pretty much found out the hard way that this website was all but dead, and we were looking at a ground up overhaul.

The first thing I discovered, upon visiting my own website on my iPad, was that my site was no longer compatible with a mobile device like a tablet. These days I do prefer to do most of my computer activities on my iPad, for the usual reasons; lighter, more portable, more comfortable. This is the case even though I have a high end gaming PC, and a specked out 17” Dell laptop at my disposal. There is a lot to be said about comfort and portability, though. But I digress. I soon found myself firing up my laptop anyway, to figure out what was going on with my website. Long story short, the theme was outdated, as were all the plugins.

So commence to making sure everything was updated, which somehow managed to delete all of the site’s content. Fantastic. I quickly accept that, and go about figuring out a whole new theme. Which, to say the least, made me realize that the nature of these themes could be a little more straight forward than what they actually are, but okay, whatever.

I think I finally figured out this theme, then it was on to widgets, menus and headers…oh my!

The point of this story is if you happen to be reading this, please have a little patience. This site is once again a work in progress.

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