XTAR MC1 Plus Review

20154710330436We’ve reviewed products from XTAR in the past and we’ve loved them. The MC1 Plus is absolutely no exception. With a style that leans more toward simplicity while still retaining the functionality you’d expect from a battery charger for Li-ion batteries, let’s take a closer look at the MC1 Plus from XTAR.

Style / Build Quality

2015421162225524The MC1 Plus from XTAR is very simplistic in its design language. A springboard houses the single Li-ion battery housing for charging, a standard USB 2.0 port is on the bottom for hooking up to wall adapters, and a single LED light is found at the top. The LED light is the only feedback we get from the MC1 Plus, with red indicating a charge is in progress and green indicating that the charged is finished. The manual that came with the device suggests that an LED that is unlit suggests a reverse polarization of the battery in the housing, which is useful for knowing which way the battery is meant to be placed in the charger. Overall, it’s a simple but useful design choice for this charger.


2015421162245736The MC1 Plus functions about as well as you’d expect a battery charger to function. When placed in the correct way, the MC1 Plus instantly notifies you with a red or green lit LED on the top of the device. In our testing we used a 14500 Li-ion battery that was drained and then recharged using the MC1 Plus. Our results indicated a full charge in a little over two hours or so. XTAR notes a total time of 2.8 hours for a 2200mAh battery so, your results may vary depending on the voltage, of course. With all of this considered, we believe the MC1 Plus is among the higher end of single-battery chargers.

Conclusion2015421162329243The MC1 Plus is a great solution for a portable, on the go solution. With the only drawback being single-battery usability, the MC1 Plus offers a quick charge solution to even the most dead-like batteries. Much like the VC2 battery charger we’ve reviewed in the past, the MC1 Plus is definitely a must buy in our opinion. You can get your hands on an MC1 Plus for just $10 on various online retailers. Did you get your hands on the MC1 Plus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.