We Want The iPhone XR

Tis the season for cellphone upgrades, fa la la la la…and so forth. My wife, Michelle and I, recently came back to YouTube, after a rather long hiatus off of all things social media, and made our comeback with our opinions as to why the iPhone XR would be the best choice for us.

Michelle’s reasons were pretty straight forward; She wants the “latest and greatest” iPhone model. Albeit the XR may not be the “Greatest” out of this year’s line, we hold the belief that such things are entirely subjective. She’s also looking forward to a minimal bezel, as opposed to her iPhone 8 Plus, which I also agree with (I have the same model), and she’s also looking forward to playing with some of the iOS 12 features that are simply not available on some older models.

Me, on the other hand, It seems that every year I get a craving for something a little different, yet I still prefer the familiar. It’s a difficult emotional and mental balancing act with me. I’ve been on other platforms in the past, and while I did not hate those experiences by any stretch, something about them just didn’t quite feel right. So this year, I’m thinking I could satisfy that with a different color than what I’ve had in the past. I’m personally going with the Product (Red) model. Which is a campaign I’ve always appreciated, we’ve even had our own Product (Red) campaign here on Braehawk Tech in the past.

For both of us, the iPhone XS-Max just seemed to be a bit too much phone, so to speak, for both of us. Same with the XS, moreso it was the price tag of either of those that really makes the XR very appealing for us. The XR base model starts at $750.00, while the others go upwards of $1000.00.

Along with this upgrade comes with a switch for both of us from Verizon to AT&T. The deal we worked out with AT&T got us a buy one get two free package, which will be completely covered when we trade in our older devices. Not to mention that we’re getting a better data package while keeping our bill under $170.00 a month. Verizon promised us something similar recently, but failed to deliver, and we’ve been dealing with an outrageous phone bill for a few months now.

So we’re both quite excited, and I’m looking forward to giving AT&T another shot. I was with them once briefly a long time ago.

So considering this is kind of upgrade season, I’m curious to know what you’re upgrading to, if you’re upgrading at all. Let us know!