iOS No Longer Malware Free


Well, it looks like iOS can no longer tout the security of their platform. According to findings by Palo Alto Networks, iOS has its first piece of malware codenamed “AceDeceiver”. AceDeceiver uses flaws found within Apple’s DRM for devices in China. This exploit allows for a “man-in-the-middle” attack by hackers in order to hijack an iOS device through a 3rd party software that mimics the user interface of iTunes. To the end user, there is no difference which pivots the exploit in a very dangerous spot for end users.

The time has come where¬†we can say is that the days of having a completely virus and malware free OS are gone. Now all the major platforms contain some form of malware. Compared to iOS competitors like Windows Phone and Android, this is a pretty big deal for iOS as they have been able to keep ahead of the bunch by having the most secure platform. With all the buzz coming from Apple v. FBI in recent events, it makes you wonder how this malware could have slipped by Apple’s radar. Whatever the case is, it is a very interesting development.

Source: Mashable