What to Expect at Apple’s March Event 2016


Apple is expected to hold a special event on Monday, March 21st, 2016 and we’re here to give you some expectations we have about what’s to come from the Cupertino company. Let’s break down the rumors and see if we can predict what Apple might showcase.

New iPhone SE

Apple is notorious for saying they will do one thing in their product strategy and then introducing a product completely contrary to those remarks, (I’m looking at you Apple Pencil). The rumored “iPhone SE” will be no different. This phone comes from the outcry of those who were not too keen on Apple’s decision to move from a 4″ iPhone to a 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhone. This was a pretty significant change for Apple as they seemingly cut off any one handed usability with their handsets. The iPhone SE is rumored to return back to the 4″ form factor but with all the internals of the current generation iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Rumored for the device is Apple’s proprietary A9 chip which currently resides inside their newest flagships along with 2GB of RAM and an all metal enclosure. Most recently the rumors have suggested that Apple will return to the iPhone 5S design which makes sense given how popular a handset the iPhone 5S is.

Apple Watch

While there isn’t a whole lot to sing and dance about when it comes to the Apple Watch, recent reports have noted that it dominated the smartwatch market by 75% marketshare. That’s a pretty significant number when you consider how many Android counterparts are available. While many do not expect the Apple Watch 2 to make its debut at the March event, we do expect there to be new watch bands introduced which may offer even more variety to the Apple Watch than what is already available.

iPad Pro Mini / iPad Air 3

Apple is getting ridiculous when it comes to their naming schemes and quite frankly, no one really knows what this will be called officially. However, it is very likely that Apple will introduce a 9.7″ iPad Pro at its March event. The iPad Pro hasn’t been the hit Apple has intended for it to be so it makes sense for them to market a traditionally sized iPad with all of the guts of its older brother. The iPad Pro is said to feature 4GB of RAM, Apple’s A9X processor, and the same enclosure as the iPad Pro with the stereo speakers included. It is also rumored that Apple will make the new iPad Air 3…Pro Mini…whatever the hell they call it, able to be used with their Apple Pencil as well as a slimmed down keyboard case.

What do you think about all of our predictions? Please share this with your community and let us know if you think we’re right in our predictions. Only time will tell and we’ll bring you all of the coverage on Monday concerning Apple’s big event.